Maintenance / Repair

Whether you need minor adjustments, a complete overhaul, cleaning, recovery or personalized modifications, our team of professionals will target your real needs and help your instruments develop their full potential.

Evaluation of the condition and estimating the cost of repairs is free.
You can trust Spiro Music repair team. 

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Let’s make that voice shine!

If you already have an instrumental, our vocal producers will guide you through your best vocal performance and deliver tuned and pristine vocal tracks that pop.

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Let’s make your next Spotify hit! we’ll guide you every step of the way from writing the right song, recording a hit vocal performance and developing the right sound for your next single.

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A pro mix can bring a production to life and give it a commercial edge ready to compete with high streaming tracks. Let us unlock your tracks potential by doing the job right.

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At the core of all great artists is great music. Give your audience and potential fans something they can fall in love with. Let us help you put together an incredible Album showcasing your uniqueness.

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Demos are a must for artist development. From building song options for eventual production to using in grant applications, let us help you record high quality, pro demos your project deserves.

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Music Lessons:

Our teachers are both experienced and patient, and can offer instruction at all levels – beginner, intermediate and professional.

Spiro Music offers music lessons on the following: 

  • Solvege
  • Vocalist
  • Oriental Rhythm: Drum, Raq, Lute, Bandeer, Katem, Arabic Drum (Tableh)
  • Western Rhythm: Drums
  • String Musical Instruments:
    –  Oriental: Oud, Kanoun, Bouzouk, Fioula, Violin
    –  Western: Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
  • Piano, Flute, Keyboard, Trumpet, Trombone

Though these lessons can be booked on the days of your choice, our most popular are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All lessons are offered on-site, in our store, and are always private, 1 on 1 or 1 on 4. 

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يقدم “سبيرو ميوزك” عبر فريقه المكون من فنيين، وأساتذة خبراء في الموسيقى الشرقية والغربية الخدمات التعليمية و خدمات الصيانة الشاملة واستدويو للتدريب والتسجيل.

– الاستديو:

لدينا استديو للتمرين للعازفين والمطربين، يؤجر ساعياً مع كافة مستلزماته.

لدينا استديو للتسجيل الصوتي والموسيقي مجهز أيضاً بكافة المستلزمات.


– التعليم الموسيقي:


تدريب صوتي


– الإيقاع:

ايقاع شرقي: طبلة – رق – مزهر – بندير – كاتم – طبل عربي

ايقاع غربي: درامز


شرقي: عود – قانون – البزق – فيولا – كمان

غربي: غيتار كلاسيك – غيتار كهربائي – غيتار Base

بالإضافة الى : بيانو – فلوت – كيبورد – ترومبيت – ترامبوند 


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